Thursday, March 14, 2013

Try a personalised Windows Phone 8, without buying one

My personalised Windows Phone 8
We have heard a lot about the new Windows Phone 8 phones by HTC and Nokia. How about getting a glimpse of the experience on your Android or iPhone, without spending the money?

Its as simple as running a link in your phone's browser. It would give you a feel of how your Windows Phone 8 Home Screen & Live Tiles may look like. And do connect your Facebook account for a more personal demo. It won't share any picture on your Facebook profile. Of course, the complete experience would not be the same as it is on the phone itself, but it gives a good idea about the home screen, a few features and how apps are integrated in the OS. 

Note that NOT all the features are available in this demo. Its more like a guided tour of only some of the features and differences that they want to highlight. While accessing the link on your phone, I would recommend closing the running apps for a better experience. Or you may also try the same in the browser on your PC / Mac. 

Personally, I would have preferred more show off in this demo, as it has so much more to offer. They did the similar thing for the Windows Phone 7 and I found that to be more interactive than this one. And do not get disappointed by the response of the gestures on your browser. The actual phones are much more fast and snappy. Go check one out at a local store.

For now, all you have to do is, 

- access this link below on your iPhone, Android or PC / Mac
- connect the Facebook account
- follow the Blue dot and read the description on the top of the screen
- once you are back on the Home Screen, click a tile or the (+) button on the top for the list of demo areas