Thursday, March 14, 2013

Try a personalised Windows Phone 8, without buying one

My personalised Windows Phone 8
We have heard a lot about the new Windows Phone 8 phones by HTC and Nokia. How about getting a glimpse of the experience on your Android or iPhone, without spending the money?

Its as simple as running a link in your phone's browser. It would give you a feel of how your Windows Phone 8 Home Screen & Live Tiles may look like. And do connect your Facebook account for a more personal demo. It won't share any picture on your Facebook profile. Of course, the complete experience would not be the same as it is on the phone itself, but it gives a good idea about the home screen, a few features and how apps are integrated in the OS. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Is Retina Display Enough?" Oppo Find 5 puts your (i)Phone(s) to Shame: About, Unboxing, Hands-on, Review, Comparison with HTC Butterfly, iPhone 5, GSIII & LG Nexus 4

About Oppo

Sorry, what? Yes, even I didn’t know about this company until a few months back. Let me bring you on the same page here, because its important to understand that there are players beyond the much hyped Apple, HTC et al, who are making attempts at stunning products that are capable of performing. They are known for their high-end, classy & pricey Blue-ray players in the US and they come with customer base in NA, EU and AP. They sell these products under the brand 'Oppo Digital'. Just search for 'oppo' and you would see something like this:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are we ready for the next breakthrough in mobile phones?

Ok here is the thing. I have been trying to pick up an Android powered phone for a while and I have not experienced this dilemma before. Windows 7 Phone looks equally attractive. Being a technology enthusiast, specifications of the device I want are crystal clear & trust me I can spend the whole day at a gadget store without a second thought. But something or the other has been bothering me for a while. Yes, it goes in lines of the title of my first blog.